The Black Stacks project only works with the collective energy of the people that support it's ambitions. Below are the 4 ways we can make this vision a reality...


Everything revolves around money. The art is money. It costs money. Reparations paid will be money. Its one big cycle. If you purchase a print, your dollars literally will go to someone in the form of reparations. Here's how it breaks down.

Profits = Reparations:

  • Suitcase of Black Stacks: $950,000
  • Large Premium Print: $3,942
  • Small Premium Print: $248
  • Triple Stack Print: $47
  • T-Shirt: $23.50

The more money the project makes, the more money we can disperse. Buy a print or a few now...


The vision is to have all the original pieces of artwork go on an exhibition tour across the country. It should not sit on a wall without access to the public. It's meant to illuminate the past and shine a light into the future.

The project is fiscally sponsored so we can collect donations to make future exhibitions a reality. Learn more and make Direct Donations towards Black Stacks.

This is 100% tax deductible.


Once again this about collective energy. Tell someone that you think would find this interesting, would love the artwork, has a gallery space, or just needs to know.