Every Dollar
Makes Sense

Introducing artwork that communicates change. Each meticulous dollar bill narrates a unique story through intricate symbols, coded letters, and imagery, all which ends with impact. 

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Welcome to an extraordinary experiment. Join me. When you purchase a print, your dollars become reparations. I donate (25%-50%) to make this vision real as monthly income to a selected Black person.

for each investor


Immerse yourself with the printed legend to decode every visual element.


FROM ARTIST Andre Woolery

Through my visual art, I remix cultural artifacts that feature portraits ...to have Black faces, and propose altered realities with imaginative, positive possibilities.

This new collection draws inspiration from John Conyer's H.R. 40 Bill. I took the central artifact in American capitalist culture...the dollar bill—and remixed it. Envision a scenario where money, as it circulates, reinvests itself into selected Black Americans.  


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