The Black Stacks Art Project is an experiment in making reparations real  through artwork. Profits become reparations.



- When customers purchase Black Stacks prints, a portion of the proceeds contributes to a reparation fund designed for distribution to a randomly selected Black person in the United States of America.

- The recipient will be randomly chosen from those registered on the signup page with valid information.

- On Juneteenth 2024, the selected individual will receive a maximum of $5,000 per month until the funds collected from art sales are depleted.

- If chosen, you have the right to remain anonymous.

- If selected, we will contact you monthly to conduct interviews to assess the impact of 'reparations' on your life. You have the right to decline or maintain confidentiality.

Thank you for signing up.

We encourage you to consider purchasing a print to contribute to the positive momentum of this project and push the culture forward.

Participation does not require a purchase.

Void where prohibited by law.