Andre Woolery

My creative journey is about making impact. Through my visual art, I remix cultural artifacts, that prominently feature portraits, infusing them with Black faces. In doing so, I present altered realities that embrace imaginative and uplifting possibilities. My art is a vision into a slightly different world, hopefully better than the current one.



Through my visual art, I remix cultural artifacts that feature portraits to have Black faces, and propose altered realities with imaginative, positive possibilities. This collection draws inspiration from John Conyer's H.R. 40 Bill—an initiative he introduced and sponsored in Congress for 28 consecutive years. Its aim was to commission a comprehensive study on the enduring impact of slavery and present a formal report with proposals for reparations and remedies for African-Americans. To me, Conyer's efforts represented a painting left unfinished, inviting us to contribute our own brushstrokes. His vision transcended reparations in its simplest form; he sought multifaceted approaches and diverse interpretations.

This is my interpretation. I took the central artifact in American capitalist culture—and remixed it. Imagine if capitalism acknowledged its historical roots and the persistent effects of an anti-Black culture. Envision a scenario where money, as it circulates, reinvests itself into modern-day reparations for Black Americans. This is the new reality.