What do the symbols mean in Black Stacks art?


When you buy a print, you will also receive a legend that breaks down each symbol, image and characters on the artwork.

Can I buy original artwork?


Use the Contact Form to inquire about availability.

For Black Stacks: The original artwork is intended to inspire learning and discourse through exhibitions and being in front of different audiences. If you want to support this vision, please donate or contact me to partner.

How do I enter myself to receive reparations?


It's simple. Go this this page and enter your name, address, phone number and email. I will randomly select a person(s) to receive 'universal income' from the profits of this project.

If selected, the hope is to see how this impacts your life.

What forms of payment do you accept?


Major Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Apple Pay and Paypal.  Don't bother asking if we take checks or cash…no.

How can I check the status of my order?


You will receive a shipping notification complete with tracking code, once the artwork leaves our printing facilities.

What is your return policy?


We are confident in the quality of the artwork. Also due to the philanthropic nature of the Black Stacks project, we do not accept returns.

What if my order gets damaged in transit?


This rarely, if ever, happens. The artwork is packaged to arrive in perfect condition. If you do however receive it in damaged condition, please take photos and reach out via our contact page within 5 days of receipt.

What height do I hang artwork?


57" on center.

A measurement standard used in museums, galleries and by many interior designers, the 57" standard represents the average human eye-height. Some argue this point and start anywhere between 60”- 65”, which is fine as well. By using this method, you have a formula that harmonizes all your artwork.

Follow these 5 steps:

1. Measure and lightly mark 57" on the wall from the floor.

2. Measure the artwork and divide by 2 (this gives you the center)

3. Measure top of your picture to the tightened wire

4. Subtract the wire amount from 1/2 height amount to get to the hook amount. This will tell you how far above 57" your hook should go.

5. Lightly mark the wall just above 57" to the hook amount.

Shipping & Returns

Artwork will be carefully packed and shipped to the United States and Internationally. All orders are shipped through Fedex. After your order is shipped you will receive an email notification with tracking information. All orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase.

Cost x Timelines

  • Suitcase of Black Stacks - $250 (30 days)
  • Large Framed Prints - $350 (25-30 days)
  • Small Framed Prints - $19.99 (10-14 days)
  • Merch - $9.99 (10 days)
  • International Orders (rates vary) - Contact for Shipping

Please note we don't ship orders to Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. All sales final.


No returns or refunds accepted. Due to the philanthropic nature of Black Stacks project, we cannot accept returns.


Where does the money go?

Every Black Stack print has a set of operational costs (20-40%), printing costs (30-40%) and profit/donation levels (40-60%).

Here is a rough breakdown of how much goes to the Black Stacks reparation fund:

  • Suitcase of Black Stacks: $950,000
  • Large Premium Print: $3,942
  • Small Premium Print: $248
  • Triple Stack Print: $47
  • T-Shirt: $23.50

I will identify a Black person in the United States to receive "universal income" monthly stipend. I don't know how this will play out but I'm curious to uncover over time how it impacts their lives.

Direct Donations towards Black Stacks is tax deductible.

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